Demo Eden Falling was loaded 4000 times at Steam Next Fest

Earlier this month, Valve gave independent developers around the world the opportunity to demonstrate its products during Steam Next Fest. One of these developers was Razor Edge Games. During a weekly event, the studio released a preliminary alpha version of its future cooperative network role-playing game Eden Falling, which unexpectedly turned out to be a hit.

according to the studio, the demo version was loaded almost 4000 times during the event, which allowed the developers to collect so The necessary reviews that will be extremely useful during the upcoming closed alpha testing of the game.

Eden Fallingis the upcoming scientific and fantastic role-playing role-played game, inspired by classic board games. The action of the game unfolds for hundreds of years in the future, when the spores of the destroyed asteroid cause an apocalyptic event, which put an end to the golden eyelid of mankind and leaving behind mutations, death and destruction.

"In Eden Falling, the player is surviving - this is surviving , chosen by a mysterious benefactor for traveling and studying inexorable wastelands. Explore your fate alone or with friends and create your own legend.

Create high -tech weapons and equipment, conclude contracts to protect local residents from cruel looters, hunt terrifying wild animals (mutated people) and control mercilessly the policy of the wild new land. Having seven distinguishing fractions, among which there is a good and bad reputation, and there are plenty of possibilities for intrigues. "

The game has a huge, constantly changing world that develops depending on the actions and solutions of players. The characters noticeably age, and the skills worsen over time, and they have only one chance to leave their mark in the new world thanks to the mechanics of immortality. But, if they play correctly, they may have a chance to continue their heritage through offspring or companion.

"As you pass your experience to the next generation through your satellites and descendants, the world that you helped create, continues to grow and change. Each game will be an American slides of emotions and adventures that you can share with other members of the community. "

The release date of Eden Falling has not yet been announced, but now the game is available to make the desired list of the desired Steam.

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