Demo of the next addition of Monster Hunter Rise is already available

Capcom returns old monsters to the Action Monster Hunter Rise, along with the release of Sunbreak at the end of the month of complement.

during the indicative event Capcom announced that they would add several monsters from the previous Monster Hunter games to the latest game of the awarded Awards of the franchise. The team will also open a location in the jungle based on locations from the second generation of the franchise.

Lucent Nargacuga from the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will also appear in the Monster Hunter Rise in a free shot up for Sunbreak. Lucent Nargacuga will be added to the new and improved arena of Forlorn, which will also open its doors in the upcoming addition.

Those who want to test the addition before its release on June 30 can load the free free Demo version in Steam and Nintendo Switch. Up to four players can play in cooperative online mode if each player has loaded demo version. Please note that any progress achieved during the game of demo cannot be transferred to the main game.

demo will include access to several training tasks and four murder tasks, in which the players will fight With monsters of different complexity, such as Great izuchi, Tetranadon, Astalos and Malzeno.

Additional information can be found on the official website of Monster Hunter Rise.

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