Desperados 3: The game trailer shows that the trick is also important

Desperados 3 is a plot tactical game in the Stealth genre, the action of which takes place according to the ruthless scenario of the Wild West. You can remain vile and cause all kinds of accidents in the Hitman style, or you can experience your luck with a weapon.

a new video of the gameplay released by the publisher of the game ThQ Nordic, explains why the first option is most likely better than the second. Each member of your gang has unique and dangerous abilities, but you will be in the minority throughout the game, and enemy reinforcements will begin to act if you attract too much attention.

In Desperados 3, team work is more important for observing enemies, their distraction and combating them. Maybe, but it may be such that you can fulfill many missions without killing anyone, just using your cunning and calculation.

You can already pre -order on Desperados 3 in Steam. The release date is scheduled for June 16, 2020.

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