Destiny 2: opens the season "Abundance"

The Destiny 2 shooter begins the "Abundance" season, which will give players the opportunity to take part in a new adventure with new riddles and discoveries, participate in the new race for the title "First in the world" in the new raid, get three types of super -powerful weapons and much Other.

If you want to take part in all events of this season, here is a small plan:

June 5 - a panoptic and a "crown of sorrow"

June 11 - the new boss in the panopticom and the assignment "Truth"

June 18 - the new boss in the panopticum and the instruction "Iron Banner"

June 25 - the heroic regime in the panoptic tank

July 2 - the order "Lumin"

July 9 - the hall of trophies and the moments of the triumph

July 30 - the solstice of heroes

the details of the season On the official page of the project.

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