Destiny 2: The new season "Skitale" will bring many changes

The beginning of the new season for the Destiny 2 shooter is scheduled for March, and this season will bring pleasant new items and changes for the players. This season will greatly affect the Gambit mode. This mode will be changed and will become more dynamic, the developers learned feedback and are ready to make changes. So, for example, the final for the 3rd round of the regime will be the race to destroy the primitive. This reduces not only the round itself, but the whole match as a whole. In addition, there will be much more of the dots of the invaders.

Now, lovers will not have to be hungry, thanks to the new system that allocates such players, and after the match they simply will not receive anything. I did nothing - I got nothing, everything is simple.

the title of "dreadnet" will become more affordable. And also a new system of defenders was developed.

naturally, one "gambit" was not done, some weapons archetypes also received changes.

Well, and if you look at the project next week, You can get increased dishonor.

You can read more about all changes on the project page.

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