Destiny 2: Update and roadmap

August 28, 2018 The Scientific and Fantastic shooter Destiny 2 received renewal 2.0, which brought a large number of changes to the project on the eve of the release of the "rejected". However, some changes are not yet available and will enter into force only on September 4. In this update, the weapons and armor of the heroes were somewhat changed. According to the developers, weapons and abilities in Destiny 2 were changed to a new cell system. They strive to make the gameplay more interesting, but not banal simple. Incidentally, thanks to the new weapon system, the guards became more powerful. In addition, PVE and the economy were also affected by changes. You can find out more about the changes here.

with the advent of Destiny 2: The fourth season "lawlessness" (September 4) will be opened. You can go through a new story, exterminate all the barons, become the owner of class weapons, explore new territories and pass a lot of various tests. After all this, the developers promise to continue to supplement the project with various tasks and awards.

Seasons will be divided into 3 months, every month new events, quests and awards will appear in Destiny 2. In addition, many of them will be able to get free access.

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