Diablo Immortal downloaded more than 10 million times

Despite complaints about the ambiguous monetization system, players are still flowing into the Action Diablo Immortal, which has been downloaded more than 10 million times on mobile devices last month. Perhaps this is the largest production of the Diablo series.

for the sake of fairness, it should be noted that Diablo Immortal is conditionally free game, and Diablo 3 was paid in 2012.

mobilegamer.biz also reports that Blizzard Entertainment has earned more than 49 million dollars in income from mobile ARPG. This figure does not include a commission of 30%, which Apple and Google receive from purchases in the application, so the actual total costs of the game are definitely higher. Also, the income received from the version of the game for PC.

and this should be considered taking into account the fact that players from the Asia-Pacific region have yet to make their contribution to the growing bunch of Blizzard money, since the game will be released in this The region of July 8.

is not bad for the game that was subjected to picket and criticism from the entire game community for their egregious schemes for receiving money. , whom players can face an extremely high entrance threshold even for the most hardcore players. Read more about this here.

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