Diablo IV: will be more gloomy

After a number of reports of Falstarts, Blizzard were ready to announce Diablo IV. After the softer Diablo III Blizzard, they say that the world will darken again. Look at the video with the announcement of Action-RPG and a small game below.

Game Director Luis Barriga went on stage on BlizzCon to explain that they are darker in history and darker in his eyes , with a bunch of blood, occult symbols and the like.

The first three confirmed classes are a barbarian, a sorceress and a druid, and much more has to be found out. In the meantime, look at these three characters in action and on horses.

Blizzard states that the world of Diablo IV will be "continuous, whole earthly mass", and this sounds a little fateful, with "Opportunities for groups of players to meet each other in the same common world."

There is no exact information about the output of Diablo IV on PC (as in principle on PS4 and XBONE).

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