Die after Sunset shooter is in early access

"Traveling in time, tentacles and total massacre!" - The slogan of the upcoming random royal roaner from the third person Die after Sunset from PlayStark and Pqube. If it sounds like something for you, then you can look after this cute fortnite-style shooter, which will soon appear on Steam.

In Die after Sunset, players will fight aliens named Murkors who seem during the day Charming and clumsy, and at night they turn into cruel animals. They will also keep up with the times, working to interfere with Murkor's invasion and extinguish the sun with their plans. The game also has a large composition of unique characters and a huge arsenal of weapons and bonuses that can be unlocked.

To complicate the task, players will also need to go through all the procedurally generated levels in just one pure pass.



"Die after Sunset" is a third -person shooter with unique light and dark mechanics. Pass 5 unique levels in one pass in this refreshing genre of a horse. Having dozens of objects, equipment, abilities and perks that can be combined together in every race, you must prepare to become as powerful as possible before the arrival of the boss! The fall at any time, and you will return to the very beginning... "

the game Die after Sunset will initially be launched in the early access to Steam at the end of this year with two levels of a single play. Large -scale multiplayer update and new arenas will be presented at the early access stage. Full release on PC and consoles is scheduled for about 2022.

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