Disney and Tencent announced Avatar's mobile shooter: Reckoning

The epic science fiction film by James Cameron "Avatar" received an adaptation of a video game called "Avatar: Reliance" from Disney and Tencent. Are you excited? Oh no. It will not be a big MMORPG with an open world for PC, which most of you probably would like to see since the film came out. Instead, it will become exclusive for mobile devices by a multiplayer shooter and will be developed by Archosaur Games Dragon Raja, and published worldwide publishing unit Tencent LEVFINITE. year. Avatar: Reckoning will transfer players to the previously unprecedented corners of Pandora, where they will meet with new Navi clans, fighting for protecting their home, and fight with the powerful RDA. Troops seeking to use the resources of the moon, and face impressive alien creatures -all this can be played alone or in dynamic multi -user matches. "

players will take on the role of avatars, as in the film, the level of which they They will be able to increase by performing plot missions for one player and joining the modes of a joint game and PVP. The game works on the Unreal Engine 4 engine, and control and battle are designed specifically for mobile devices.

Although the official site is now working, it is still a few more empty, and there is not enough information at the moment. When the game will be launched and this year will be alpha or beta tests is still unknown.

Meanwhile, a single-user adventure with the open world from Ubisoft called Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and the continuation of the original film will be released at the end this year. So, in general, it seems that 2022 will be a rather important year for fans of Avatar all over the world.

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