Doctor who will appear in Eve Online next week

Next week, "Doctor Who" goes to the new Eden, since CCP Games launches the first major inter -platform cooperation in the space MMORPG EVE Online. Ivent Crossover starts on January 13 and will last until February 1, showing a completely new area inspired by the longest science fiction series in the world.

"The joint project EVE Online and" Doctors who "will be held in the form of a special event under the name "Interstarrient convergence." Its action takes place in the period until the last Great War of time - the conflict stretching for 400 years between the master of time and far away.

This is a special event in the Eve Online universe will last more than three weeks, up to February 1. "Interstarrient convergence" will not be similar to any other event in EVE. You will find an amazing secret with the keys scattered everywhere, many tests, thematic objects and even a new colorful space zone! "

During the event, players will be able to hunt for artifacts associated with the doctor who, in the thematic space Gallifrey. Then they can use the found artifacts to track down far forces. Fight with the infamous alien race to get exclusive awards inspired by the doctor who. Players can also earn additional awards and skills with the help of a new entrance campaign to a system that will be active throughout the event.

The details of the event can be found on the official website Eve Online.

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