DOKEV: new project from Pearl Abyss

One of the new games that Pearl Abyss has announced the G-STAR 2019 is MMORPG Dokev. The project was originally conceived for mobile devices, but then the console and PC were selected as the main platforms. Nevertheless, the mobile enemy is still being considered. There was nothing special about Dokev at the exhibition, and the audience only had to guess what the game was looking at the game about.

, unlike previous works, Dokev is designed as a game that the whole family can join. This is a collectible MMO game with an open world that takes away a dream from people and goes in search of growing unique creatures known as "dokebi" who grow and gain strength from dreams of people.

It seems that there are elements of the collection of monsters similar to Pokemon and Yokai Watch, when players form teams of 3 people. In addition, these monsters can only be seen in special glasses, since they are "invisibles."

MMORPG dokev for all ages, currently plans to carry out beta testing in 2020.

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