Doom Eternal: Battlemode network mode

At the Quakecon event, the developer of the Action Doom Eternal once again confirmed that the project will be released on November 22. What even more the attention of those present at the event was shown a multi -user combat battle regime Battlemode, where one player acts as a hunter and leads a battle with two demons controlled by players. 5 game demons are available. In addition to the fact that demons themselves are strong enough, they will have a number of chips that will create troubles. They will be able to arrange traps, or toxic evaporation, or call for additional minions. In addition, they will have a unique feature to receive a gradual charge, which will give them the opportunity to block the opportunity to raise the loot.

But the hunter is not a blunder, an arsenal of various weapons, improvements and equipment will be full in his access. In addition, the hunter has the opportunity to use two portals on the map, which in an instant will transfer him to the other end of the arena, which gives him the advantage of avoiding danger. Demons can see the hunter through the walls, in turn, the hunter can get lost for a while from their review, only violating the line, these few seconds will make it possible to plan their following actions.

to kill demons to be given a certain time. For example, if the hunter killed one demon, the reverse 20-second countdown will immediately start. If before the expiration of time the hunter kills another demon, then he will become the winner in this round. If he does not do this, then the first demon will rise from a half scale of HP. In the interval between rounds, all participants can make improvements and get buffs.

You can look at this presentation of this DOOM Eternal mode below.

A fragment of the mode at the presentation can be viewed on the official Twich channel from 55 minutes.

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