Dota 2: Valve blocked more than 40,000 accounts

Valve developer reported a blocking of more than 40,000 Moba Dota 2 players who were noticed in violation of the organization of matches. Specifically, the reason for the wave of locks was not clarified on Twitter Valve, but it seems that the most likely suspicion is Smurfing when players with experience of the game purposefully create new accounts to win players with a lower rating.

This was a constant The problem in Dota 2, as well as in many other games with the search for players, and the recent blocking of accounts coincides with the update of the game that solves this problem.

we have Banned Over 40,000 Accounts for Players Who Were Found Abusing Matchmaking. Thines Will now Appear as Game Bans in Steam as Being Matchmaking Bans in Dota 2.

- Dota 2 (@dota2) February 11, 2020

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