Dota Underlords: add prison and not only

The developers of Moba Dota Underlords are preparing players for a major update, talking about all the new products that are worth expecting.

Today, the developers pleased the players with the innovation, the game will appear in the game. Its meaning is that every 24 hours several heroes will be removed from the common pool, but there will be a guarantee that you can collect all alliances. It sounds like a neat way to keep people in good shape, and makes the work of anyone who writes guides even more complicated.

a large update will add many new heroes, each of which has its own unique abilities. It will be insects, trolls, a shaman, a man, heartless. In addition, the work of the game will change significantly. You can familiarize yourself with the update announcements on the game news page.

There is something interesting there. The commander of the Legion is the only hero in the new alliance "Champion", but means that he benefits from every alliance that you created.

In addition, there are heartless, healers and insects. Three personalities. The heartlessness apply a debuff to each enemy, whom they amaze, healers enhance healing, and insects cover the board with spiders that bite enemies, which gives them the opportunity to miss.

True, Valve has not yet indicated when a major update will come out. The best assumption is the end of this week or the beginning of the next.

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