Dota Underlords: Perhaps many new heroes will appear

If you played both Moba Dota 2 and Moba Dota Underlords, you probably noticed that most Dota 2 heroes have not yet made their way to the auto -battery. This will soon change, according to the recent description of the latest client’s update.

Tyler Mcvaker, which leads the unofficial Valve News Network channel on YouTube, I got acquainted with the changes made to the last patch. Perhaps the biggest news for Underlords in the gameplay is the inclusion of links, skins and models for 16 heroes Dota 2.

how exactly they all fit into the Underlords ecosystem, remains a mystery and it seems that some of them are much closer to the implementation.

Datamain also found signs that Underlords at some point will receive a playback function and "turbo-mode", which, according to rumors, is accelerated The version of the game, which has a faster animation and allows you to quickly accumulate units.

there are also hints of UnderLords themselves, which, according to Mcvicker, will ultimately replace couriers from the original Dota Auto Chess mod. How they will function is also unknown.

, while you can enjoy the first combat permissibility of Dota Underlords for free.

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