Dota Underlords: The number of players has significantly decreased

Moba Dota Underlords from Valve in early access, has already lost a large number of its players in just six months since the launch of Steam. According to Steam Charts, in June there was a peak of users in the game when more than 200,000 people played at the same time, but less than 15,000 people played it recently. When Underlords appeared, it seemed that the game would be interesting, but the interest in the genre in general has since significantly decreased.

The number has constantly decreased every month, so it seems that the updates could not seduce the players to return to the game . The recent Steam reviews are still mostly positive, therefore, it seems, the reason is something else.

Unfortunately, this resembles the troubles of the card game Artifact, which Valve has suspended and currently there are about 100 players there. . In this case, however, the outcome was more immediate and serious, in Underlords not everything is so bad yet.

the Teamfight Tactics team from Riot, showed itself much better when the company announced numbers for the last time. In September, the monthly base of players was 33 million. It seems that here you can stay here, but the future of the genre itself does not seem more definite from this.

Although the fall is less pronounced, Dota 2 also had a relatively sagging month. In the first half of 2019, it approached the return of the peak of players in 2015 and 2016, but over the past 30 days the indicator has fallen to the lowest level since 2014, an average of 393,589 players and peak 627 790 people.

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