Dota Underlords: There will be ordinary and rank modes

Now in Moba Dota Underlords for players who love a free game, but worry about their title, the next update will be divided the game into ordinary and rating modes.

In order to start playing the rating mode, You must first play at least 5 games of the usual mode. You, as before, can perform daily in both modes. The game search system has changed. Now in normal mode you can find the game, both in solo and with friends. But for the rating mode, only solo is available, which for some gamers is not very joyful news.

In addition, the rating system was changed, which became more affordable and open. Now you can see your rating in the form of a number that will change in accordance with actions in the match. It all depends solely on how you finish the match, and not on the rating of your rivals.

You can see the rating table in the official message.

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