DOTA Underlords: This is a version of Auto Chess by Valve and you can already play it

Valve officially introducedmoba dota underlords, its autonomous version of Dota Auto Chess, which was first announced about a month ago. In fact, today the game is already open to everyone who owns the Dota 2.

combat permissive awards for several weeks, we conducted a betting testing in a narrow circle (friends and their family), but now we are ready to somewhat expand the range Players to get feedback, so all owners of the Dota 2 combat pass can already play Dota Underlords, "writes Valve. "Thanks to you, we will be able to check the stress resistance of servers and prepare for OBT."

The current assembly of the game will allow players to take part in multi-user matches with eight participants, train in autonomous mode against a computer with difficulty settings from simple to hardcore and together to play against bots or other users. The ranking of matches, cross-game and cross-preservation will be added after the game enters the CB.

If you have a DOTA 2 combat pass, you will find a link to Dota Underlords on the DOTA 2 toolbar in your Steam library. And if you prefer to wait, you will not have to wait long: Valve said that the open beta version of Dota Underlords will begin about a week later.

, in the meantime, the original Auto Chess developers make another version through Epic Games.

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