Dragon Age 4: intriguing teaser

During the presentation of The Game Awards, BioWare demonstrated the new intriguing teaser Action Dragon Age 4, although the game has a simple name "The Next Dragon Age."

The narrator in The trailer talks about what story will open before the player, you will have to face monstrous demons, terrible dragons, the fascination of darkness and even a fierce wolf.

"Rich, branched narratives, a choice with consequences and intriguing characters occupy a central place in the entire Dragon Age franchise, and we work a lot on this. You will establish relations with comrades who will fight on your side when you experience the real Saga Dragon Age, the action of which takes place in Tedas, a world that needs a new type of hero, "the developer writes on his blog.

while There is no official release date for the next Dragon Age, she does not even have an official name, as well as more detailed information.

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