Dragon Ball Fighterz: Season 3 starts this month

Ark System Works and Bandai Namco made an announcement of the third season of their 2D 2D giant Dragon Ball Fighterz. The third season will add new characters with which you can increase your power level.

So far, only two out of five new characters have been shown. The first was presented by GOK, which was first introduced this weekend. Goku first appeared in the Dragon Ball Super as the alleged end point of the GOCU power, comparable to some gods. It will be presented in the game "Spring 2020", the exact date has not yet been announced.

the second character, which should be confirmed, is Kefla. In fact, she will become the first character released in the third season, debuting on February 28 (February 26 for those who own Fighterz Pass 3), a few months before the GOK.

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