During the proceedings Epic Games VS Apple, information leak

The Epic Games trial against Apple is gaining momentum, and a historical confrontation led to rather great revelations. Most of these revelations should have been confidential, including the fact that Sony charges a fee for the cross -platform game on the PlayStation, but thanks to the magic of the Internet it is now well -known.

Of course, most of us have already known about PlayStation, but What we did not know is that Walmart, apparently, works on its own cloud game service. Walmart is just one example of commercial secrets and confidential information from third -party companies that were identified during the trial. This led to numerous requests for confidentiality from companies that have just realized that the documents submitted by them may contain information that they would prefer to hide from the general public. Once from the moment the trial began. "I received the petitions of third parties with a request to hide the information," the judge said irritably.

emails from the heads of both companies were also presented as evidence in court. One email from 2015 shows that the General Director of EPIC Games Tim Suini asks for Apple General Director Tim Cook to radically change the principle of the Appstore. Instead of responding to an email, confused by Cook, I sent an email to his colleagues-heads.

in another electronic letter from 2019, Suini apologizes to Ubisoft's leaders for the problem with Epic Games Store, as a result of which pirates And scammers go to the city on the copies of The Division 2 and make up 70-90% of all fraudulent transactions in the game.

Meanwhile, all interested parties do everything possible to eliminate leaks.

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