Dying Light 2: Shows half an hour of playing frames

Action RPG with the open world of Dying Light 2 was demonstrated on E3 in June, and now (better than never) everyone has a chance to look at the demo. Below you can watch a half -hour video showing one of the main plot missions of the game. According to the plot, 15 years have passed since humanity died from the virus. The mission, which is shown in the video, is crucial for the narrative. The city is on the verge of destruction, as drinking water is about to end. Frank, believes that the only person who can solve the problem with drinking water is a colonel, a person with a bad reputation, who leads a group called "apostates" from the city pumping station. Frank uses his status to convene a meeting between apostates and officers of two main groups operating in the city.

gameplay is a stellar attraction, but the narrator reveals several interesting points: the city will be divided into seven areas, each of which has its own special aesthetics and new Parkuru opportunities that can be unlocking.

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