Early access V Rising was dispersed by a circulation of 500,000 copies

Now that the wave of games for survival with a zombie seems to have ended, the vampires seem to be the next big thing in the survival genre. Mix this by making the main characters vampires instead of fighting them, and you will apparently get a very popular game, as in the case of a recently released Stunlock Studio Mmoprg on vampires V Riding.

Swedish The development studio reports that only three days after the launch of early access in Steam, more than 500,000 copies of the game were sold. Steamdb shows a 24-hour and record peak of the simultaneous presence of players, which is 130,626 players, which brought the vampire MMO to eighth in the list of the most popular Steam games. She also received "mostly positive" reviews in Steam, although there was at least one complaint, which is quite expected in the survival game, in which there are practically no PVP rules.

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