Electronic Arts confirmed the theft of FIFA source codes

At the beginning of this week, Electronic Arts became a victim of hackers: the attackers managed to steal more than 780 gigabytes, including the source code of FrostBite. The Frostbite game engine supports several EA games, including the Battlefield, FIFA and Madden. Hackers also claimed that they stole FIFA 21 development tools and players selection servers for FIFA 22.

The good news is that the player’s data were not compromised while hacking the security system.

"We will investigate the recent incident of invasion of our network when a limited amount of the source code of the game and related tools was stolen," EA representative told CNN Business. "There was no access to the player’s data, and we have no reason to believe that there is any risk for the confidentiality of the players. After the incident, we have already made improvements to the security system and do not expect that this will affect our games or our business. We are actively working with law enforcement officials and other experts as part of the current criminal investigation. "

As for the stolen source codes, CD Projekt Red also published updated information about the February data leak. According to the studio, these employees could also be stolen with the source codes and other data related to the game.

"Today we have learned new information about the hacking, and now we have reason to believe that The internal data, illegally obtained during the attack, currently spread on the Internet, "the studio said. "We cannot confirm the exact content of the data we are talking about, although we believe that they may include data on current / former employees and contractors in addition to data related to our games. In addition, we cannot confirm whether these data could be manipulated or fake after a violation. "

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