Electronic Arts connects Dice to Battlefield 6 development

Just a few months before the promised Battlefield 6 release in the festive 2021, Electronic Arts is under pressure to release an impeccable game, especially given the fiasco Cyberpunk 2077, which is fresh in the memory of each gamer. To do this, the publisher has connected additional labor from Dice (Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment), inviting Criterion Games developers working on Need for Speed, and re -having them for Battlefield 6. Battlefront, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and the Firestorm Battle Royale mode for Battlefield 5, which makes them the best choice for the project.

This probably means the next NEED for SPEED game will be slightly delayed. But the director of EA says that the reassignment of the team was necessary, taking into account the working conditions of the house associated with the Covid-19. EA is also guaranteed to release at least one racing game this year thanks to the recent acquisition of the British developer of the Codemasters video game specializing in racing games.

"Battlefield 6 is remarkable, but the team is incredibly difficult, due The fact that the development is remotely, "said the representative of the developers in an interview with Polygon. "And it is difficult; It is difficult to make games from home, and the team is a little tired. We play victory; We play to release a great Battlefield game on the market.

The developer also assured the fans that the upcoming NEED For Speed ​​game is not canceled and that Criterion Games will resume work as soon as they finish with Battlefield 6 It is also said that this solution does not mean that EA has internal problems with game tasks after the publisher’s solution to cancel Anthem Next last week.

, in the meantime, the head of Dice in Los Angeles and the founder of Respawn Entertainment Vince Zapopella It also participates in Battlefield 6, paying special attention to the components of the Living Service of the game.

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