Elite Dangerous: adds training for beginners

Today, the September Update was released for the Elite Dangerous space simulator, which will be of particular interest for potential pilots that have not yet absorbed the massive modeling of our galaxy. The highlight of the update is a "new start" representing the game to new players, although there are new things for experienced pilots.

new players will be taught the intricacies of flights in space, teaching them to control the flight, battles, joints and all other things necessary for the passage of the Milky Way. The textbook is fully voiced in all supported languages ​​of the game.

If you are a returning player who wants to undergo retraining, the "new start" will also be available through training in the cabin of your ship. The update also replaces border points and operations with the new ARX currency. This is a premium currency that can be used for cosmetics, but it can also be earned by fighting by trading and exploring.

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