Elyon can be purchased, but without airships

MMORPG Elyon community manager recently answered questions about the upcoming fantasy MMORPG in the FAQ, located on the Discord channel Elyon-Air. FAQ confirms that the game can be purchased, and it will also be possible to make purchases inside the application, as in the Korean version of the game.

The topic of air combat was also affected and whether it will be the same part of the game . Air battles and airships were originally represented as a key feature of the game. Even when it was first presented at GSTAR 2017, with the name ascent: Infinite Realm. But the airships were clearly not mentioned in marketing materials, since the developers decided to move from steampunk to a fantasy topic and rename the game in Elyon.

"We know about the positive reviews of the original Elyon air mechanics," the community manager answered . "Although we have not yet discussed this topic in more detail, we may have similar plans for the future." .

As for the content of content, it was said that at present the developers are working on a raid for 20 players and plan to enter one or two classes every year. Guild content is also what the developers will emphasize in the future.

Kakao Games and Krafton are preparing for the west closed beta testing of the game, which will begin in the next few months. The exact dates of the ZBT will be announced later. You can also visit the recently updated English site for additional information.

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