Elyon developers talked about summer update

Krafton released a new video blog of developers that reveals the content of the upcoming summer update MMORPG Elyon, which, among other things, includes the new Soulbringer class (shower collector). Soulbringer was first represented in March and represents a nimble character of close combat, armed with a sword and capable of manipulating souls.

"Soulbringer rely on combo attacks that cause mortal wounds to their opponents, exposing their weaknesses, exposing their weakness shower. They are incredibly fast hunters, and all thanks to their swiftness and freedom of movement control. "

In addition to obtaining a new class, this summer players will also be able to go on a sea voyage when a new underwater hunting ground" Secret Sea "along with submarines that will deliver you there. Summer update will also open a new area where players can use help in autoboye, as well as a new siege of the castle and PVP mode.

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