Elyon: It will appear in early December

During a recent press conference in South Korea, the developer of Krafton and the publisher of Kakao Games announced that the official release of MMORPG Elyon is scheduled for December 10, 2020. If you are not in the know, then MMORPG Elyon is the previously known MMORPG, which was in a development called ascent: infinite realms (or a: IR).

Truth, the game clearly underwent significant changes since the last news. Firstly, the game will not be free. Secondly, due to mass criticism, air battle was removed (which, in principle, was a chip of this game). In addition, significant improvements were made in Elyon, including the introduction of an inappropriate battle to ensure the function of "dynamic action". This was made possible thanks to the redirection of "Technology for modeling the path of the projectile", previously intended for air combat, and the skills settings system, which has thousands of combinations.

Well, as usual, the standard MMORPG functions, such as boss raids, command PVP, guild wars, large -scale fractional battles, housing for players and even PVEVP dungeons, are present in Elyon. At launch, 3 measured portals are planned. It is worth recalling that the MMORPG Elyon is designed using Unreal Engine 3, so some of the latest rendering methods cannot be used.

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