Elyon started preliminary registration with gifts

MMORPG Elyon release is approaching, and Kakao Games opened preliminary registration, and also presented several awards for your interest.

The preliminary registration event is already being carried out, but now we know that it will end on October 19. This coincides with the recent delay in the transition to a free model of the game and the changed release date of October 20.

you can get free awards for an active subscription to the information ballot by e -mail: agent costume, hat with feline ears, sled animal - riding animal - Yellow parrot and subject "Star Blessing" (7 d.). "Star Blessing" gives an increased chance of falling out objects, hunting experience and HP restoration, although complete effects may vary, as this is a 7-day bonus.

Since Elyon will now come out as a free game, these free items will help you begin to play. It is not known whether these items will be available in their current forms after the release of the game, so this may be your chance of your dream yellow parrot.

As soon as the game is launched, you will get a coupon that can be exchanged for these items on the day of exit. All awards will be available to both new and existing Elyon subscribers, so no one will stand aside. However, you must maintain your signature by e -mail, at least before the game is released.

On the Elyon website there is a guide on how a coupon will work, where you can also make preliminary registration and activate email.

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