Embracer Group has 118 games in development

Embracer Group, previously known as ThQ Nordic AB, and before that Nordic Games has grown over the past 4 years. According to the last annual report of the company, they have as many as 118 games in the development, 69 of which are not yet announced.

naturally, some of these games may never see the light, but this is still an absurd amount. On the other hand, this should not be surprising if you take into account how many developers are connected to its subsidiaries.

After the company grabbed most of the ThQ in 2016, the company quickly began to acquire developers and publishers Including Coffee Stain and Koch Media. Now Embracer Group 31 studio and five main subsidiaries.

thanks to these studios, many series retired. Saber Interactive is their last acquisition, apparently, the amazing success of the World War Z zombie, the upcoming releases of this year include Biomutant, Chorus, Destroy All Humans! Both Wasteland 3, and the report hint that there are many more games that have not been announced.

You can see the full list of announced games Embracer Group in the full presentation, although some of them are already on the air.

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