Enlisted adds new levels for all game campaigns

Since last month the campaign of the military MMO player Enlisted "The Battle of Berlin" entered the closed beta testing, several updates were made for both the basic game and the upcoming campaign as part of the renewal "near the walls of the Reichstag."

The latest additions to the game this week include a new campaign in Normandy and the addition of new locations to the Battle for Moscow campaign. New levels of development, as well as new detachments, weapons and technology were added to all existing campaigns.

of the Battle of Berlin, also received its share of updates with new levels of the campaign, a more advanced development system, new detachments and new detachments, and new weapons. Development in the campaign starts from level 1 and will not be reset after completing a closed beta test.

A set of early access, which opens access to the progress of the Battle for Berlin campaign. And the premium detachments that are included in the kit will remain with you forever.

Below you can see the official update trailer. More information can be found on the official website Enlisted.

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