Epic Games receives support for 35 US states in Antimonopoly Battle of Apple

The legal enmity between Epic Games and Apple is far from the end: both companies plan to appeal the verdict of the presiding judge in their large antimonopoly claim. The judge did not make a decision in favor of either EPIC or Apple according to their corresponding claims, which, of course, did not suit both companies.

The presiding judge decided that Apple violated the laws on the unfair competition in the state of California, but did not monopolize Industry of mobile applications. In the light of this Apple, they were forced to allow the application developers to place alternative payment systems in applications bypassing the App Store, thereby depriving Apple of their commission since December 2021.

She, in turn, made a decision against Epic Games in Relations with the violation of the Apple contract. The counter claim indicated the company to pay Apple 30% of all income received from the Fortnite application for iOS from the moment the direct payment button is added. In its favor, since the US Department of Justice and Prosecutors from 35 United States presented arguments in support of the EPIC case, together with consumer rights, scientists and even Microsoft. The group claims that the judge illegally relied on Sherman’s law and that this mistake can "put on the effective observance of antimonopoly legislation", especially when it comes to a digital economy.

Apple will give a response in this spring, but states that They are sure that the Appellation Epic Games will fail.

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