Epic Games Store Sale

A little more than a week has been left to the real Halloween, and in honor of the celebration in the Epic Games Store store, a Halloween sale with discounts on games up to 75%is completely in full swing.

There are a number of respectively terrible games, such as :

World War Z Goty - 60%discount

Control Ultimate Edition - 30%discount

maneater - 30%discount

subnautica - 30%discount, and, believe me, this is a horror game

Killing Floor 2 - a 67%discount

alan wake - a 75%discount

Layers of Fear 75%discount

limbo - 40%discount

vampyr - 70%discount

but there are other, much lesser -saturated games of the game. This is a big sale, therefore, even if the horrors are not for you, it is likely to delve a few minutes to see, perhaps you will find something for yourself.

View all sales offers here.

Sale will last until November 05, 2020.

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