European Holding Enad Global 7 acquires Innova

After the purchase of Daybreak Games at the end of last year, the European Holding Enad Global 7 again completes the process of acquiring another company producing video games. The European holding concluded a deal with the Russian publisher of Innova for the acquisition of a company for $ 109.8 million. The announcement was made back in February during the presentation of EG7 investors in the 4th quarter.

Innova manages the 4Game game distribution platform and has proven itself in Europe, the CIS and Asia countries. The company's portfolio includes well -known MMORPG, such as Blade and Soul, Crowfall, Lineage 2, Ragnarok Online and RF Online, as well as others. Companies in the "chain of creating the cost of games", which begins from development to marketing, publication and distribution. The company already owns several development studios, including Piranha Games, Daybreak Games and its subsidiaries. The EG7 family also includes the Petrol gaming marketing agency and the British publisher of Sold Out. Innova complements the "world -class game ecosystem" with its distribution platform, which serves hundreds of thousands of active users per month.

Presentation for investors in the 4th quarter also advertises 10+ undeclared projects under the development stage, as well as 5+ remasters and New versions of the existing IP from Daybreak Games. PDF file of presentation can be found here.

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