Eve: Echoes: New MMO-Pesa for Mobile Devices

At the EVE VEGAS 2018 event, CCP Games officially introduced the new EVE project: Echoes, previously known as EVE: Project Galaxy, this is a completely new game, the actions of which will unfold in the New Eden alternative universe. The Netease Games developed with CCP Games, Eve: Echoes will appear in 2019 on iOS and Android.

Eve: Echoes will reveal for players of the depth of space, will make it possible to take risks and write not only its history, but also its own galaxy . Regardless of whether you participate in the interstellar battle, trade or intelligence, as well as in many other actions in thousands of planetary systems, you will be able to experience the key game process EVE on your mobile device.

The game will use its own graphic engine Netease Games, Neox, combined with the CCP game design to realize stunning starry sky, limitless star fields, majestic planets and unpredictable asteroid belts with unprecedented graphic details on mobile devices.

In addition to preserving the mechanical gameplay EVE, EVE: Echoes will also use its social system. Players can join and head corporations, will cooperate with other players to form even stronger coalitions, while capturing the territories of opponents. A deep and realistic social system is also developed, which will provide players with an interconnected futuristic interstellar way of life.

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