Eve Online: celebrates his 16th birthday

Cosmic MMORPG Eve Online celebrates its 16th birthday. "We are very glad to announce that from May 2 to 20, all pilots can participate in the celebrations and celebrate the sixteenth birthday of Eve Online, regardless of their status of the clone! Go during the celebration during this period and collect free gifts on the go. There, in total, sixteen days of gifts, celebrating more than one and a half decades of amazing players. You can apply for all the proposed awards if you enter the system for at least sixteen days during the celebration. "

while everyone can receive daily awards, additional rewards are" slightly more valuable ", but you can Actle the fact and get everything retroactively, if you want. It sounds as if players will collect a bunch of skills, trinkets, ammunition, buildings, clothes, fireworks, threads of the abyss. In addition, on the next Tuesday of May 7, CCP plans a mass test, especially to ensure that Test a new 64-bit client. "Participants will receive a award of two million skills," the studio promises, so there is something for you.

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