Eve Online: Infinite Galaxy: New Trailer of the game

Back in June and August, CCP Games introduced the following most of the EVE universe: the new mmo mobile mmo, called Eve Online: Infinite Galaxy (also known as Project Galaxy and Eve: Echoes), created together with the NETEASE as part of the high promotion of CCP to Asia. This mobile sandbox was first announced by Netease and CCP in 2018 on Chinajoy. If you remember, Netease also cooperates with CCP in the Chinese version of Eve Online.

Eve Online: Infinite Galaxy promises a space opera that covers more than 8000 star systems and access to more than 100 space ships for iOS and Android. The project is expected later this year.

As MMO Culture writes, the companies released a new game trailer as part of the recent Netease event. The video demonstrates functions such as collecting resources, production, trade, equipment and a little battle. According to the official Netease news, the foundations of the planetary system, stars, the solar system and the space station are already ready. Joint teams in Netease and CCP are now working on optimizing the functions of the gameplay, such as ships statistics, functions and much more.

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