Eve Online is now available in Epic Games Store

Eve Online continues to expand its presence, as the MMO science fiction space simulator appeared in the Epic Games Store. Now players can download the game in the EPIC store for free and join more than 24 million capsules studying thousands of star systems of the new Eden.

"We are very glad to cooperate with EPIC to make Eve Online available in Epic Game Store" - said the creative director of Eve Online. "Recently, we have completely processed the new game experience in EVE and launched many events designed to inspire players who first included in EVE. We are looking forward to meeting you in New Eden! "

The recently updated starting experience was launched last week as part of the update, which also laid the foundation for a large event. Old and new players can take part in the event and earn various awards, including skins, accelerators and other game goodies.

Details can be found on the official website Eve Online.

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