Eve Online: Opening Eve Workbench

Regardless of who you are in MMORPG EVE Online: a space truck, a player who loves to jump into the depths of a dead space or one of those pilots who want to start a fight with any person within a radius, now there is a new web for you A tool that may come in handy. This is an EVE Workbench, a new web tool for the EVE community that allows players to view the market, create transportation routes, and also view and share a body kit.

In Eve Workbench there are several convenient functions, starting from the "body kit", Which will probably be familiar to everyone who used such web tools, such as Osmius. Ship devices created by the player can be visible by the type of alpha or omega, and pressing for specific assembly gives you all the important information that may be needed. purchase and sale in all regions or specific. This function can go along with a trading tool that can help carriers plan the most profitable station from possible routes.

The entire website is still indicated as a beta version, so the functions will most likely be modified or will be modified or Reviewed, but now it looks useful even at an early stage.

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