Eve Online powers occupy a central place in Foundation

Scientific and fantastic MMORPG Eve Online illuminates the empires of the new edema in the last quadrant-Foundation. Intra -game events of the past week. Including dreadnought bombing of various planets in the new Eden, create the basis for the four -sided war of the powers, which will become the center of the Foundation quadrant.

Each of the powers (Amarrsay, Kaldari, Gallentskaya and Minmatar) will occupy the central place in the quadrant of the Fundation Thanks to the thematic intra -game events and actions, as well as in four separate video files that emphasize the unique characteristics of each power.

"The Eve Online Power has developed from the moment the game launches in 2003. Each of them has its own strengths and features that our players appreciated over the years, "said the creative director. "Since EVE is 18 years old, we want to pay the attention to these powers that they deserve."

As for the 18th anniversary of the game, May 6 will return to the day the event will return to the day A capsule that will include 12-day holiday events.

more detailed information can be found on the official website Eve Online.

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