Eve Online: preparing for a big update

Do not allow such words as "Balance" and "Improvements", to blind you from the real truth: the capital ships Eve Online are about to encounter swift nerves to deprive them of status.

CCP wrote a long Blog of developers (with graphs! So many graphs!), In which the studio admitted that she was too overdated in making capital ships more viable some time ago.

"Since the reconstruction In the Citadel, which was supposed to return power to the pilots of the capital, it became clear that we had outplayed our goals in several areas. Capital has become a universal response to most of EVE obstacles, "the developers write.

Thus, the spring update of the balance begins, and some significant changes to the capital ships are made with it to make sub-cutles more effective in wars. Auxiliary forces and scaling of tanks are intended for these nerves, as well as for weapons from a large angle and carrier fighters. Capital ships will also be subjected to less insurance payments during loss.

CCP said that after this update, new content with ships and modules will be released in May, and then several long -awaited implant sets will be presented in July.

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