Eve Online: preparing for the invasion

The virtual universe Eve Online is preparing for the invasion, and events will begin much earlier than expected - May 28. A major update of Invasion will show how the ancient race of Triluva will come out of its twisted kingdom of the abyss and enter the starry accumulation of the new edema, potentially leaving behind massive destruction. It will add 3 completely new buildings of the 2nd technology of the triglav, new groups of mutaplasmid to control damage and attack, as well as a number of other significant improvements. The next stage in the reconstruction of the war declaration will simplify military training using a system of fixed fees and simplify the creation of free mutual wars. The agency also receives a complete alteration to become much more functional and help new players, and some necessary changes in the balance sheet will be made for weapons.

Invasion expansion is based on the recent plot line surrounding the Abyssal DeadSpace PVE-mode. . Players who have visited some high -level Abyssal dungeons stumbled upon the Trivani shipyard, where the ships are built more than the titanium.

The introduction of the invasion was announced on the EVE UKRAINIA as part of the EVE world round. And the announced innovations greatly excited those present.

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