Eve Online: Soon players will be able to choose the parties in an alien invasion

Last summer, Eve Online was shocked by a sudden total invasion of aliens. The alliances of the players had to abandon what they did to protect their star bases from an all -consuming attack that lasted several days. And now, players can choose which side of this war they want to fight.

CCP Games told about the third and last part of the EVE Online Invasion addition, which, according to the developers, will have "long consequences in New Eden, The guaranteeing that life in the cluster will cease to be the same. " Only one thing was known that in the final part of the invasion 2 new fractions will be added, for which players can play. The first Edenk, which is the united forces of the empires of mankind. The second trigulas are aliens.

Participating in the regular battles that take place in different sectors Eve Online, players will increase their reputation and relationships with new factions, and also receive a reward. The next stage of prolonged enmity will also bring new weapons and equipment to the game, which is visible a hint of video from the invented organization of Eve Online news called The Scope.

The developers promise a real shake of the galaxy Eve Online. CCP Games has not yet disclosed information about what awaits the players, but they guarantee a grand finale this summer. "The EVE Online is based on the universe where the actions have consequences, and this year the consequences of the Invasion storyline will have deep and long consequences for the players," says the creative director. "Players will have to carefully make their choice."

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