Eve Online: The first renewal of the year really breaks the stones

You move 16 tons (asteroids), what do you get? Another hour of learning skills and many destroyed asteroids, as well as a cargo compartment full of minerals for sale. MMORPG Eve Online, as it were, destroys the meaning of this action, and makes the visual effect of asteroids more pleasant in today's patch. When you grind space stones into dust, you can really observe their destruction. This, without a doubt, will be an intuitive sensation.

The first patch of the year in the game also improves tracking activity, offering greater ease of use and optimization. For example, now it is in the window, and does not fill the screen, which simplifies its use when you are engaged in other things. And the patch also promises to fix the problems with the delivery, which means less time for problems and more time for, exhaustion of asteroids.

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