Eve Online: What to expect from winter updates

In the upcoming update for Eve Online, players will be able to unite and delve into the dangerous and isolated areas of the new Eden in new and interesting directions. In addition, players will be provided with access to new ships, new navigation structures and implementation of activity tracking.

At the Eve Vegas 2018 event, the recently updated version of the Abyssal Deadspace now allows the joint gaming process, and players can bring into battle two more pilots. Choose any combination of three frigates to fight with new NPS, collect materials together and earn valuable awards. The levels of complexity were adjusted taking into account the increase in the number of players using all the affordable NPS fractions found in Abyss.

as part of the current experience of Abyssal Deadspace, pilots that get to the final of their meeting now have the opportunity to fight against others, which have achieved a similar result. This collision PVP 1 on 1 is the first of its kind for ABYSS. For joint and solo experience, you can also find three new ships - the destroyer and two cruisers.

Eve Online also receives two additional improvements. Firstly, Upwell navigation structures will allow the ships to move between two points in space, the distance of which is less than five light years. Secondly, a completely new system of tracking activity will help players engage in various activities and demonstrate various specialization options.

Paul Elsi, senior manager of the EVE Online community, said: "Winter update for Eve Online gives even more tools in The hands of our pilots, allowing them to really become the masters of their own domain. With the arrival of Upwell Navigation Structures, pilots will be able to dominate and control their declared territories as never before, and the new system of tracking activity will allow them to record their journey to the new Eden. "

to obtain additional information about Abysal Deadspace 2.0 you can find out activity and other updates in Eve Updates.

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