Eve Online: Zenit - the third quadrant began

The Cosmic Mmo Action Eve Online received an update today, which will complete the invasion of the Trilav.

Zenit updating is the third quadrant in the series, in which significant changes were made to MMO this year, and you can expect even more, thanks to visual updates, balance settings and living events that affect the galaxy.

Zenit begins with some changes in PVP. Players will be able to receive landfill threads that will deliver them from anywhere in the space space to one of the testing grounds of the dead abyss.

with the update, the format of these collisions PVP has changed. Now they are limited in time when the invaders set the players the task of fighting in battles in new cosmic environments. They will have restrictions on the types of ships and the size of the fleet, starting from 1 to 1 to 5 to 5, and will also be available to all with five ships.

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