EVERSPACE 2: The release date became known

A new trailer for the EVERSPACE 2 space shooter was published, which officially indicates the date of its exit in the early access: December 2020. The first EVERSPACE was the Roguelike space combat, but the sequel is a full -fledged shooter with the open world, which the developers called the "space game that we always wanted to do, but we constantly did not have enough financial support." The release of the EVERSPACE 2 was scheduled for this month, but was postponed at the beginning of this year due to the difficulties associated with the pandemia of the coronavirus. Currently, Steam has a free demo, if you want to see what the game is.

The new trailer opens us with an extensive scientific and fiction environment from the orbit of exploding planets And there are other interesting places in the planetary atmosphere fields to the wreckage of ships, as well as in the planetary atmosphere: floating cities, colossal storms and dusty miner colonies. There are sequences from the first and third person, when the ships are woven into obstacles and come out of them, fighting with each other. Also in the background, memorable music sounds.

More information about the EVERSPACE 2 space shooter can be found on the website or on the Steam page. The release of EVERSPACE 2 in early access is scheduled for December 2020.

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