Evil Dead: The Game: Announcement of a third -person shooter

Saber Interactive, which created the World War Z shooter, is working on the new Evil Dead: The Game project, a third -person jockey jockey jockey jockey jacket in cooperative mode

in the trailer you can see Ash and an unusual The company gathered together in the hut from the first films "Ominent Dead." In general, everything would be nothing, but one of them is a knight...

However, a few seconds of the gameplay that can be seen in the trailer firmly secured the project on the territory of the cooperative shooter, where the main task is to kill zombies, which It seems normal, and absolutely suitable for Evil Dead.

The game’s press release says that in Evil Dead: The Game there will be a cooperative game and PVP:

"Work together in a team of 4 survivors, exploring, ruining, creating, managing your fear and finding key artifacts to close the passage between the worlds. Or take control of the powerful demon to hunt Ash and his friends. A lot of surprises awaits in this battle with evil filled with blood, which captures characters, horrors, humor and actions from the franchise. Fight in unforgettable places, including the infamous hut in the forest, lively with the help of many terrifying visual effects and everything else. Discover more than 25 types of weapons, including Ash glove, arrow and chainsaw, and advance along various chains of skills to become stronger and survive in this exciting joint mode and PVP. "

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